The Priddis name was based on mail delivery to and from the home of Charles Priddis. It used to be that the mail was left on his table within his home and each one sorted out his own. When a regular post office and mail service was requested, the authorities used the name Priddis as the mail was going to the Priddis shack and he was to be postmaster.

Charles Priddis was well educated and dedicated to children, he aided in the development of the Priddis School by donating land for the building and loaning his home for the first classes until the school was ready for use. He also donated pieces of land for the Priddis Farmers and Ranchers Hall and St. James United Church.

Many events have taken place over the years in Priddis and surrounding communities, and in 1914 most often they were based on sports events, such as polo and racing, hunting, and fishing, tennis, hockey and curling, cricket and football. The early settlers traveled great distances often by horseback and therefore a sports event could last more than the time it takes to play, even more than the time it takes to visit and picnic, it could very well last for days. Today the Priddis Community Hall is busier than ever with the hall in use EVERYDAY!

Cheech and the Creek, and PRIDDIS: 

See the attached link  to an article in the High Country News about "Cheech" from the "Cheech and Chong" fame and his time in Bragg Creek and Priddis.




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