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Membership FAQ's

Why should I purchase a membership?

By purchasing a membership, you become a part of a group of like-minded residents who believe and support community based initiatives. The membership fee helps to financially support the operation of the Priddis Community Association, the Priddis Community Hall, the Priddis Community Rink, Priddis Tennis Courts, the Priddis Library, and the events and programs that are offered to the community. Your membership supports family-friendly activities, as well as planning and engagement.

What is the membership year?

Membership year is November 1st to October 31st.

How can I purchase a membership?

We have 4 kinds of residential memberships:

Family $25.00

Single Adult $15.00

Single Senior $10.00

Business $50.00 – This includes placing your business ad on our website and business logo on our Facebook pageM for 1 year.

Associate Memberships are also available for those that live outside the Priddis area that want to participate in Priddis programs (e.g. Priddis Panthers, Priddis Early Learning Program, etc.). Cost for this membership is $25.00.

Payments can be made by e-transfer to: Cheques can be mailed to the Priddis Community Association or dropped off at the Priddis General Store.

PCA, 178131 Priddis Valley Road, Priddis, Alberta T0L 1W1

What are the benefits of purchasing a membership?

● Discounted rate on facility rentals (if you have been a member consecutively for two or more years)

● Free or discounted access to programs/events

● Free use of tennis courts, playground, rink, and Pioneer Park

● Helps you connect with your neighbours.

● Supports local initiatives and maintenance/upgrades of PCA amenities

● Members receive emails regarding news, events, and special meetings

● Entitled to attend general board meetings, vote at our annual general meeting and special meetings, run for a position on the board of directors or nominate a fellow member - *for resident members only

A membership is required to enroll in the Priddis Early Learning Program – Priddis Preschool.

A membership is required to join Priddis Panthers Pond Hockey League.

Do you give out membership cards?

No membership cards are given out at this time. We are currently considering the best method for membership tracking and confirmation. You will receive an email as a confirmation receipt of your membership within a couple days of the PCA receiving your payment.

Do I get a discount if I purchase my membership part way through the membership year?

No discount is given. We have been able to keep our membership price the same for over the past 15 years and we try our hardest to keep the price low but the value hig

Can I automatically renew my membership?

Your membership is not renewed automatically. The membership form needs to be completed annually so we have your most current contact information.

Membership Requirements:

All members must agree to abide by the Bylaws governing the Priddis Community Association.

In order to be a voting member, you must have a current membership and reside in the Priddis area. Associate memberships (members that live outside the Priddis area) are not allowed to vote.


By purchasing a membership, you agree to receive occasional emails from us regarding events, notices, and special meetings.

Personal information, collected for the purposes outlined above, will be kept confidential by the Priddis Community Association.

How are funds raised to run the Association?

Funding is raised through hall rentals, membership dues, grants, casinos, special events, and donations to provide programs and services to the Priddis community.

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