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Priddis Community Association

A strong community association is built on the foundation of its Members. Members have the unique ability to mobilize, support, and interact with residents to improve quality of life. Everyday they make significant contributions to the health and well-being of our community. The Priddis Community Association is a non-profit organization run by your neighbours and other volunteers that connect you, act as a voice for your community and offer you endless opportunities close to home.


Priddis is home to many thoughtful, creative, community-minded, entrepreneurial individuals. Membership helps you connect with your neighbours.


The Priddis Community Association strives to bring its members more reasons to take advantage of what our association has to offer. We are all ears. What would you like to see and make happen in Priddis? Let’s work together!


Annual Membership dues are payable to the Priddis Community Association in November every year (membership year is from November 1st  to October 31st). Please renew your membership annually to ensure that you and your family, or business, can participate in the many community association events. You will receive reduced rental hall rates and can take advantage of our great facilities which include the Tennis Courts, Rink, Playground, Priddis Library and Pioneer Park.  


A Business Membership includes free advertising on our community website, Instagram and Facebook page twice a year. 


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